VPF Group in Thailand

Pig farm customer since 1994

“Our first project with SKIOLD was back in 1994 for a liquid feed solution for sows and finisher and since then we have worked closely together on five large projects for both liquid and dry feeding.  We use SKIOLD liquid feeding system for our sows finisher because it is very efficient, reliable and easy to use. Today we use residue feeding system which are resulting in a better feed consumption and with limited maintenance. We have 12.000 sows and in total 110,000 pigs on the two farms so a reliable feeding system is of outmost importance for us. We can recommend SKIOLD as a serious partner- we have a good long relationship – and they are always there to assist us” says mr.Vorapong, CEO of VPF. 

Customer since 1994

VPF is among the top 20 largest pig produces in Thailand with more than 12.000 sows and the most prominent company within sustainable farming in Thailand. Environmental issues are very important and they have a Green Supply Chain from traceability of the high quality feed to the sustainable farm reducing pollution of the surrounding nature. The plant is self supplying with power from the biomass system, and all water is conserved rainwater, all the manuer is handled by a biomass system, and the remaining water part is cleaned with chloride and used for cleaning the houses.  VPF goes beyond producing pigs, they also slaughter, manufacture and sell the meat as high-end quality products in their own brand, manufactured under the highest international standards on both environmental and animal issues. Read more on their website: www.vpfporkvalley.com            


Tech. information

  • Liquid feeding system- Residue free

  • Dry feeding solution for weaners

  • 5000 sows on one farm and 7000 on the other farm

  • Annual production: 310,000 finisher

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